Nortriptyline average dose -adjusted difference, P <.001). There canada drug pharmacy coupon were several non-linear associations: with an additional year of education the risk dementia increased for each additional IQ point, increasing from 1.0 to 1.4 IQ points per year of additional education; whereas the risk of AD decreased from 2.3 to 1.4 AD units per IQ point of additional education. After adjustment for sociodemographic characteristics, no significant relation was observed between the total number of years education and the risk of dementia. A higher education was not associated with any other outcome or specific subgroups of the dementia population, except for a lower risk of non-Alzheimer dementias, but the risk of AD, for those with at least some high level college education versus no college, was decreased (β =.16, SE.04). In a subgroup of 751 middle-aged women enrolled in the study, an additional level of education was associated with a significant decreased risk of incident dementia (hazard ratio,.25, 95% CI:.11,.48) (40). We also examined whether the association between dementia and education was modified by gender. Although not statistically significant, there was a significant association between dementia and education in young women (hazard ratio, 1.04, 95% CI: 0.92, 1.15) but not in middle-aged women. A second study in predominantly elderly population, conducted an independent cohort of patients treated at an inpatient facility for dementia at a regional teaching hospital, suggested that higher education was protective against Alzheimer's disease (HR for highest education = 22.6 vs 19.2, p.04; Table 7) (41). Table 7. Study Sample Design Follow-up (years) Dementia Outcome Adjusted OR (95% CI) HR CI)† Overall White, non-Hispanic 3289 (2774-3619) ‡ Age: 59.7 (59.0, 61.2) <.001 57% 55-64 3547 (2701-3566) ‡ Age: 62.0 (60.9, 63.5) <.001 60% 55-59 2961 (2560-3097) ‡ Age: 65.7 (64.1, 68.1) <.001 62% ≥60 2785 (2517-2843) ‡ Age: 66.7 (64.8, 69.5) <.001 66% Education High school diploma or higher 1094 (774-1218) 0.95 (0.88, 1.02) <.001 50% Some college/vocational 1043 (757-1217) 1.10 (0.96, 1.26) <.001 57% College degree or more 958 (694-1219) 1.10 (0.95, 1.28) <.001 60% Dementia diagnosis No 711 (535-1092) 1.23 (1.13, 1.36).008 Yes 1762 (1253-2288)§ <.001 ≥2 years of education 1084 (784-1321) 1.09 (1.00, 1.18) <.001 46% ≥5 years of education 1009 (718-1243) 0.91 (0.81, 1.03).79 33% <.001 Social disability/impairment Previous head injury 1182 (721-2049) 1.09 (1.00, 1.18) <.001 47% No prior head injury 3128 (1823-3439) 1.22 (1.11, 1.33).002 Social index Lower Tobradex 50mg $265.94 - $0.74 Per pill socioeconomic status 2160 (1250-2760) <.001 No. of episodes Per year 613 (456-897) 1.17 (1.01, 1.43).001 <.001 ≥5 per year 1153 (764-2186) 1.07 (0.99, 1.14).001 <.001 Mean years since incident Cases, n (Proportions) Person-years (95% CI) P-value Dementia Age adjusted 1,014 (724-1066) 1.24 (1.15, 1.33).004 <.001 Multivariate-adjusted¶ 955 (704-1205) 1.13 (1.03, 1.24) <.001.98.96 Education High school diploma or higher 754 (535-1086) 1.15 (1.01, 1.32) No.

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